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Housing for people – not for profit!

“We cannot and shall not accept the unacceptable! We have to end homelessness in the European Union. The EU legislators must commit to the human right to housing,”. “We are convinced that housing markets need regulation. Housing is a public responsibility and should not be left to the market. Europe is in an urgent need of a broad non-profit housing sector and an absolutely new access to land ownership. Land cannot be multiplied. It is a public common good.” (Karin Zauner-Lohmeyer spokeswoman of Housing for ALL)


Wir treffen uns am 17.01.2020 um 14Uhr zur Redaktionssitzung und starten eine gemeinsame Ausgabe des Vagazines mit der Obdachlosen-Uni.

Macht mit und kommt zur Czentrifuga - Markgrafendamm 24C (Nähe Ostkreuz) - Südflügel About:Blank

wellcome im jahr der vagabunden!
coming up:

czentrifuga und serigraffeur laden ein/invite:
auktion supporting vagabundenkongress2020
10. januar @ urban spree galerie, 19h intro vagainfo, 20h auction
bring kunstspenden/art donations @ serigraffeur 7./8./9. januar
dirschauerstrasse 1, 12-20h

theaterunterdruck/czentrifuga/gogotrash/vaga2020 cooperation
das vagabundenmusical  
work in progress start janauar 2020, premiere august 2020
jekami, join in! contact:   czentrifuga@posteo.de

vaga2020 in coop mit obdachlosenuni berlin
vagazine nr5, redaktionstreff 17. januar, czentrifuga 14h

advanced festival for printing, publishing and propaganda
printers and vagabonds unite!
1. - 10. may 2020, worldwide, get active now!
idea: printers worldwide focus on the vagabonds in their area and print them culture, arts and words and spread it.
during may 1st and 10. they intensify their (printing)actions and open up for the public through exhibitions, performasnces or publications.
we publish a programm with all these parallelactions, connect them digitally and shout it out loud:
COME TO THE VAGABOND CONGRESS IN BERLIN AUGUST 2020. there we will make the big exhibition!

all the best!
schön in bewegung bleiben, keep on moving!
die vagaktivistas