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*die in der Nacht der Solidarität vom 29. auf den 30.01.2020 gezählt worden sind auf der Straße, in Notunterkünften, bei der Polizei und der BVG

Purpose of UWS: The prevention or relief of poverty in Scotland amongst women with unclear immigration status, no recourse to public funds (NRPF) and women unable to access homelessness, welfare and housing services by setting up and running a free night shelter providing emergency and short term accommodation. http://www.ubuntu-glasgow.org.uk/

das vaga-obdachlosenuni-cooperations-zine wird die tage gedruckt und am samstag 15.februar ab 12h gefaltet, sortiert und gebunden. wie üblich auch diesmal in der czentrifuga.

wir brauchen viele helfende hände.
we need help
binding the vagazine nr 5
saturday feb. 15th at 12h czentrifuga.

Einen Tag drauf Freitag 7.2. um 17h, Aktionstreffen, auch in der Czentrifuga


2020 is the year of the vagabonds !

the czentrifuga-collective and the homeless-people -project unter druck initiated the vagabunden-kongress which will take place in berlin august 2020. printers and vagabonds unite ! with this topic we call out for the first global advanced festival for printing, publishing and propaganda.

it will take place everywhere, where people get active, contactingthe local vagabonds and start to print them words, stories and utopies.  

 may 1st - 10th 2020 is the time to intensify these actions and open up fot the public through exhibitions, publications, performances or workshops all around the topic of mobil forms of life. we will collect the dates and locations of all thes activities and publish them as one global festival program. Of course we invite you all to come to berlin in august to the vagabond congress and bring your production with you and we make a big collective vagaexhibitionshow. Thats the idea!

More infos: printers n vagas unite

feel free to join in and become active. please inform us about your thoughts and activities. email:   vaga2020@posteo.de  please forward this message to your printing colleagues and friendly initiatives.

thanx for your interest and we hope to find a way to cooperate or see you in berlin for vaga2020


Housing for people – not for profit!

“We cannot and shall not accept the unacceptable! We have to end homelessness in the European Union. The EU legislators must commit to the human right to housing,”. “We are convinced that housing markets need regulation. Housing is a public responsibility and should not be left to the market. Europe is in an urgent need of a broad non-profit housing sector and an absolutely new access to land ownership. Land cannot be multiplied. It is a public common good.” (Karin Zauner-Lohmeyer spokeswoman of Housing for ALL)