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National Dance Centre (CNDB), Sala Omnia and Sala Stere Popescu
tranzit.ro/ București

We value what we do, not in itself but through continuous reference to our peers, neighbours, friends and enemies; we are grounded in our local histories, operating from within and performing them until they become relevant; we trust each other and choose cooperation and solidarity over competition; we respond to austerity with care for each other and to economic intimidation with sharing the resources. We understood from the past 60 years that there are many modernities possible, some being accomplished at higher costs than others. We were confronted in the past 30 years with ruthless capitalism and individualism, which are alienating and deadly. The present does not offer us much, yet we live it with grit and humour. All prognosis around us are bleak, yet we dare to propose hope. For who if not we should outline a potential future for all of us, having survived several versions of golden, promised futures, having lost not only the gold but the promise itself and yet, still enduring here?!

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